Lost Time: Regina’s Alzheimer Story

Regina, Mom and Alzheimer story

Is someone you love dealing with Alzheimer’s disease? Do you have an Alzheimer story to tell? If so, you don’t want to miss this video. Regina, my good friend and colleague who does most of the Food Fit Fabulous videos that you see on the website, shares her personal story about Alzheimer’s disease in her family…her Mom. […]

Where Nutrition Experts Go for Info

Registered dietitian nutritionis

Should you take omega-3 supplements? Consume foods with GMOs? Switch to agave syrup? Registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), the nutrition experts, expect the latest science-based research on topics like these and many more which were presented at the annual meeting of the Florida Academy of Nutrition and  Dietetics. I just returned from this year’s fabulous meeting […]

What is Citrus Caviar? Fancy Food Show Finds

star fruit

VIDEO. The fruit and vegetable guru and Regina got together at the Fancy Food Show to talk trending fruits and vegetables. I can’t wait to get my hands on a peacharine…a cross between a peach and a nectarine. When Regina first told me the name, I thought it was a cross between a peach and […]

Agave: Too Sweet to be True?

Agave and Reg

VIDEO  I know what you’re thinking…isn’t agave made from the same plant as tequila? Yes it is. Agave nectar, also called agave syrup, is a sweetener or added sugar with calories from the cactus family. You’ll find it in sweet teas and health drinks and it’s popular with chefs in desserts and cocktails because it has […]

Why You Should be Blanching Your Vegetables

blanching broccoli

Blanching is a wonderful technique to use for certain vegetables — such as broccoli — that are to be used in salads or crudité platters. The result is broccoli florets that are perfectly crunchy, but not excessively hard to chew. I made a pasta salad last weekend using fresh asparagus using this blanching technique. It’s an easy […]

Time to Get Dirty with Your Own Garden

Regina's garden

Do you often wonder where you food comes from? Just how safe is it? Looking for a way to de-stress? Planting a garden and growing some of your food is not only rewarding but also a great way to lower your stress level after a hectic day. There’s nothing like picking a pepper in the […]