Podcast: Cuckoo for Coconut

Regina & Susan with coconuts

Coconut oil is a cure-all. No… not exactly… but I bet you’ve heard that you need to ditch your olive or canola oil and switch to coconut. Internet buzz promises that coconut oil will burn your belly fat, treat Alzheimer’s disease and change fat levels in your blood. Wait, did I say make your hair shinier […]

Video: How to Quickly Cut a Pomegranate

Regina cutting a pomegranate

A beautiful bright red and about the size of a softball, a pomegranate is loaded with vitamin C, potassium, fiber and other good things. Inside are the tasty tiny seeds or arils covered in pomegranate goodness that add crunch and flavor to dishes. I add them as a topper to my salads or mix them […]

Quinoa Plus Breakfast Bowl

blueberry quinoa breakfast bowl

Do you need a fast breakfast that is both packed with flavor and nutrition? Cook your quinoa over the weekend or when you have a little extra time (only takes about 15 minutes). Add the other items to your grocery list so you’re prepared for the coming week. One bowl is all it takes. PrintQuinoa […]

In a Funk? Foods to Help Lift Your Mood

salmon taco

As the days shorten and the weather darkens, our moods tend to slump as well. Discovering what triggers those negative feelings can make you aware of underlying issues and finally get you out of that funk. Many factors such as fatigue, stress, hunger (low blood sugar makes almost everyone cranky), or sadness may be the […]

Juicing vs. Smoothies

Green smoothie

Sitting around at breakfast with some of my college friends, Denise asked me if I juice. I said no but that I drink a lot of smoothies. Sure, smoothies can be a nutritional nightmare and the calories from various ingredients can easily enlarge your bottom line or your belly. For example, did you know that a […]